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September 13, 2006



I know the feeling. I just had two removed about a month ago. I had the first two removed about 7 or 8 years ago and even though it was easy and fairly painless, I was still nervous for the last two. I couldn't put it off any longer.

Unless your teeth are impacted, you should really be ok--the anesthesia is nothing, you're just groggy off and on the rest of the day. The healing can be difficult, because it is hard to eat (I lost 5 pounds!) but when it's over, you'll be like "Why did I put this off?!"

I hope your appointment goes well! Be sure to get plenty of fluids afterwards and take it easy. You'll do great!


I had 3 impacted teeth removed. I apparently knocked out the IV while coming out of it. It was weird but I HATE going to the dentist anyway. I understand your nervousness. Sometimes the anethesia makes people really groggy. My dad was. We had a family friend take like 20 local shots instead of going under (he was worried about not coming out of it). My vote is for the anethesia rather then the 20 shots any day!!


I could've written this post myself about 2yrs ago when I had all of my wisdom teeth pulled out. Except for the funny doc comments everything was the same for me. I hardly remember anything that happened and the recovery wasn't bad at all. I remember that I just slept for the entire afternoon. I hope it goes well for you too! You'll be just fine!


Haha! This is hilarious. Isn't it funny how strange the calm can be after such an episode? He actually sounds very capable (I mean, its like rich executives with funny socks and bowties- they only have the audacity to wear them because they know they can - they're JUST THAT GOOD). I can only hope that his humor means he's confident that he's JUST THAT GOOD.

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